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We are working to ensure the employment of jobless nurses – MoH

The Ministry of Health has taken proactive steps to address the recruitment of health personnel and resolve issues surrounding unpaid allowances.
This initiative comes in response to a joint demonstration by rotational nurses, the midwifery association, and unemployed nurses in Accra on Tuesday.

During a media briefing, Isaac Offei Baah, the Public Relations Officer for the Ministry of Health, reiterated the ministry’s dedication to resolving these concerns promptly. He acknowledged the challenges posed by the need for clearance from the Ministry of Finance before recruitment can proceed but emphasized the ministry’s ongoing efforts to secure necessary approvals.

Mr. Baah stated, “Unfortunately, we have gotten to this level, but we are all aware that we cannot employ without clearance from the Ministry of Finance. That also doesn’t mean that we are not working to ensure that we get adequate clearance and clear all our nurses who are not employed.

“We have enough evidence to show that after we received the list from NMC, we forwarded it to the Minister of Finance. Their leader, who always comes to negotiate on their behalf, can attest to the fact that we have given him copies of evidence to show that the Ministry of Health is committed to ensuring their recruitment and ensuring their posting.”

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