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Whisky Meets Music : Exploring The Artistic Relationship

Within the broad whisky world, single malt Scotch goes beyond the taste palates, it spreads across different genres of life.

Today, we explore how this spirit smoothly intersects with the vast cosmos of music bridging the gap between an artiste’s creative haven, infused with soothing serenades and the electrifying energy of concerts. This powerful pair goes beyond basic enjoyment, providing a deeper connection to both art forms.

The beauty of music unfolds in the studio. The producer plays beats that harmonise with the taste of the artiste as they embark on the creative process of composing record-smashing hits. These songs, infused with the artiste’s passion, whisper to the soul of their listeners. The genesis of this is in the ritualistic element that sets the mood and sparks inspiration the artist leverages to create earworm hooks.

Tems, in an interview with The Cut, described what an ideal studio session with her is like- the environment dimly lit, the temperature slightly warm, the room in pin-drop silence aside from the hums of her melodic vocals. Yet, beyond the personal experiences of artistes like Tems, a familiar companion often graces these creative sessions: whisky.

For many artists, whisky transcends the categorisation of being just a drink, it’s a muse. Picture this, sipping a velvety glass of The Macallan, instrumental beats playing in the background, freestyles effortlessly weaving into fully fleshed-out lyrics prepared to break chart records. This symbiotic relationship is evident even in the projects created by musicians.

Numerous Nigerian Afrobeat performers have titled their singles ‘whisky’ referencing the sherry oak liquid as a sign of creativity, celebration and good times, some notable examples include Burna Boy, Ice Prince and Omah Lay amongst many others.

While the oak-aged complexity can birth new melodies, its influence extends beyond the studio, it shapes how we immerse ourselves in music even as listeners, moulding our perception of the single Scotch. Dave Broom, renowned Scotch whisky expert, proved this theory by hosting a whisky tasting where he had attendees hold up placards with words such as ‘sweet’, ‘salty’, ‘bitter’, ‘mineral’, and ‘metallic’.

As the attendees tasted the glass of Scotch, the timeless spirit connoisseur played a diverse portfolio of musical tracks urging participants to hold up the card that best represented the aromas and flavours they were experiencing from the drink.

Despite drinking the same liquid all through the event; the tasters held up a different placard every time he played a different track due to the sounds they were hearing altering their perception of the liquid gold.

Through his tasting, David Broom concluded that music affects the palate of whisky drinkers. He found that higher-pitched sounds such as bells bring out sweetness while brass instrumentals elicit a bitter and sour note in the whisky.

The journey between the pair doesn’t end there, the power of music to influence perception extends beyond tasting rooms; shaping our experience of whisky in social settings as well. In Nigeria, the single malt has been a steadfast companion and support system in the music landscape, as it has always encouraged communal celebration.

Be it enjoying a glass of The Macallan while listening to your favourite artiste on stage performing their latest song at their listening party. Or attending a concert of the biggest names in the music industry with a whisky cocktail in hand, it has continued to complement the energetic Afropop rhythms at festivals, concerts and house parties.

In essence, the smooth, spirit-filling influence of whisky shifts from inspiring artist lyrics to having its flavours enhanced by those very lyrics; whisky seamlessly intertwines with the vibrant culture of Afrobeats and music as a whole.

This, however, is just the beginning of the harmonious relationship that transcends the boundaries of taste and sound.

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