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Prof Jane Naana Agyemang’s Nomination: A Symbol of Empowerment and Inclusivity

As the NDC New Zealand branch women’s organizer of the Australia & New Zealand chapter, I am compelled to share my perspective on Prof Jane Naana Agyemang’s nomination as vice presidential candidate for the NDC party . In a world where the voices of women are often marginalized, witnessing this historic moment signals the dawn of a new era—one where women can emerge as symbols of self-emancipation.

Prof Naana Ageymang’s nomination carries profound messages of empowerment for women across all strata of Ghanaian society, from the bustling street markets to the highest echelons of power. She represents not only hope for the women’s fraternity but also embodies aspirations for equality, traditional family values, and the empowerment of all marginalized groups.

What sets Prof Ageymang apart is her steadfast humility, a quality often lacking in political circles characterized by ostentation and extravagance. Unlike some of her counterparts, who symbolize luxury and class, Prof Agyemang’s modesty resonates with the majority of Ghanaian voters—men and women toiling on the streets, in the fields and markets.

Her nomination is not just about inspiring women; it’s about ensuring representation for all, regardless of social class or gender. Prof Agyemang epitomizes the vision of a classless society where gender equity and humility reign, particularly in the responsible stewardship of national resources.

As the first woman to be nominated as a running mate by a major political party in Ghana, Prof Agyemang’s inclusion underscores the commitment to gender diversity and authentic leadership. Her extensive experience in academia, public service and international organizations speaks volumes about her capacity for transformative leadership.

Within the NDC and across political parties in Ghana, women are often underrepresented in frontline positions. Prof Agyemang’s elevation is a testament to her resilience in challenging hegemonic forces and advocating for the marginalized. It signals a shift towards genuine engagement in addressing the suppression of voices in political spheres.

Her nomination also highlights the importance of resisting societal pressures and maintaining humility amidst temptation. Prof Agyemang’s warmth and motherly role in public institutions symbolize the kind of authentic leadership the nation needs.

In nominating Prof Naana Agyemang, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama sends a powerful message—not just to the NDC but to all Ghanaians who yearn for the restoration of African values of family, community, and humility. It is a commendation of his leadership to prioritize inclusivity and resist societal forces of oppression and intolerance.

Prof Jane Naana Agyemang’s candidacy represents more than just a political decision; it embodies the aspirations of a nation striving for empowerment, inclusivity, and authentic leadership. Her nomination signifies that the NDC has something meaningful to offer the nation—a vision of progress rooted in the values of humility, equality, and empowerment for all.


By: Belinda Plange, Women organizer – NDC New Zealand chapter

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