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Pacesetter Zoomlion Flies 18 Sanitation Workers on 21-Day Waste Management Exposure Trip To Belarus

Zoomlion Ghana Limited, Africa’s waste management expert, is embarking on a groundbreaking initiative. We are sending 18 Youth Employment Agency (YEA) Beneficiaries in the Waste and Sanitation Module on a 21-day journey of discovery. This unique opportunity will allow them to explore and learn about effective sanitation and waste management practices in Belarus and Russia, paving the way for their personal and professional growth.

The first of its kind, the trip aims to expose street sweepers to innovative approaches to sanitation, such as Effective deployment of workers and sanitary tools and sweeping methods. This is a follow-up to a previous trip by company executives who observed waste management practices and identified potential areas for adaptation and implementation.

The trip’s objectives are not just about learning and implementing new practices. They also include a crucial element of collaboration. We aim to work together with our international counterparts to identify potential waste management opportunities and areas for adaptation and implementation, including street-sweeping initiatives. This collaborative approach ensures that we are all part of the solution.

Announcing the trip, Zoomlion’s Managing Director, Mrs. Gloria Opoku Anti, explained that this exposure trip marks a significant milestone in the company’s efforts to empower street sweepers and enhance sanitation practices.

This initiative is a testament to Zoomlion’s unwavering commitment to investing in the next generation of sanitation leaders and promoting sustainable practices. We believe in the power of education and exposure to transform lives and communities, and this trip is a clear demonstration of that belief.

Madam Felicia Larbi Okai, a beneficiary from Koforidua, expressed gratitude to the Executive Chairman of Jospong Group and the management of Zoomlion for the opportunity to learn and improve her lot.

Madam Okai, who has been with Zoomlion for 16 years now, promised to share the knowledge and skills from the training with her teammates upon her return.
Another beneficiary from Afram Plains, Mr. Solomon Dankwa, was hopeful that the training would help him gain the needed knowledge and skills to improve his work and the country’s cleanliness.

The 18 participants will spend 21 days, including travel time, learning and exploring new ideas to bring back and implement in their communities from Belarus and Russia, respectively.
The trip is expected to yield valuable insights and innovative solutions to tackle sanitation challenges, and we look forward to seeing its positive impact.

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