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PSWU Accuses FWSC of Bad Faith in Addressing Demands of Striking NIA Staff

The Public Services Workers Union (PSWU) has accused the Fair Wages and Salaries Commission (FWSC) of acting in bad faith regarding the concerns of National Identification Authority (NIA) staff.

According to PSWU, FWSC has repeatedly ignored the appeals and grievances of NIA staff despite numerous attempts to engage in dialogue. This alleged neglect has led NIA employees to strike, demanding improved working conditions and fair treatment.

George Sampah, Deputy General Secretary of PSWU, expressed the union’s deep frustration and determination to fight for what they believe members rightfully deserve.

In a recent statement, Sampah emphasized the union’s disappointment with various labor institutions, particularly the National Labour Commission, accusing them of failing to uphold their mandate and protect workers’ rights.

“We are disappointed in most of the labour institutions in this country. Because you go to even the National Labour Commission, they will order the Fair Wages, they will order the Ministry of Finance to give a mandate and to make sure that something is negotiated and it is never done and there is nothing that they are able to do against them.

“So we are disappointed. We are disappointed in Fair Wages that it can start negotiations that can take almost forever to be completed”, Sampah stated.

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