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Constitutional Review Committee Proposes Cap on MPs and Ministers


The Constitutional Review Consultative Committee, established by the government, has proposed a cap on the size of Parliament. The committee suggests amending Article 93 to limit Parliament to no more than 277 elected Members.

Additionally, the committee advocates for amendments to Article 47, ensuring that Ghana is divided into constituencies for the election of MPs as prescribed by the Electoral Commission (EC), but not exceeding 277 constituencies.

This proposal was disclosed during a stakeholders’ consultation for a possible review of the 1992 constitution in Parliament in Accra on Thursday.

Furthermore, the committee recommended capping the size of the government and eliminating the privilege to appoint Deputy Ministers. It argued for the abolition of the position of Regional Ministers, similar to Deputy Ministerial positions.

The committee stated that the President should appoint as many Ministers of State as necessary for the efficient running of the state, but the number of Ministers should not exceed 25.

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