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Guinness Becomes The Official Beer Of The Premier League

Starting from the upcoming season, Guinness will be the Official Beer of The Premier League, while Guinness 0.0 will hold the title of the Official Non-Alcoholic Beer of the Premier League.

This partnership brings together two iconic brands known for their excellence and global reach. Guinness, with its rich history and renowned craftsmanship, is a perfect match for the Premier League, the most-watched football league in the world. Fans can now look forward to enjoying their favorite matches with the distinctive taste of Guinness.

As the Official Responsible Drinking Partner of the League, Guinness is committed to using its global rights to promote and encourage responsible drinking throughout the season. This initiative will include various campaigns and activities aimed at educating fans on the importance of moderation and making informed choices when it comes to alcohol consumption.

In addition to traditional Guinness, fans will also have access to Guinness 0.0, the brand’s non-alcoholic beer. Guinness 0.0 offers the same rich, smooth taste that Guinness is famous for, without the alcohol. This provides an excellent alternative for those who prefer to enjoy the match without consuming alcohol, ensuring that everyone can be part of the celebration.

The partnership between Guinness and The Premier League marks a significant milestone for both brands. As we look forward to the new season, fans can expect a series of exciting initiatives and events that will enhance their football experience. Whether you’re enjoying a pint of Guinness or a bottle of Guinness 0.0, the matchday experience is set to be better than ever.

We are excited about the opportunities this partnership will bring and are committed to promoting a culture of responsible drinking. Here’s to a fantastic season ahead with Guinness and The Premier League!

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