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Security Consultant Richard Kumadoe Raises Concerns Over Price Hikes

Richard Kumadoe, a security intelligence consultant and founder of Independent Election Security and Compliance, has voiced concerns about the recent price hikes in goods and services in Ghana.

In a statement, Kumadoe highlighted the significant threat these increases pose to the livelihoods of ordinary Ghanaians. “The price of goods and services is threatening livelihoods in Ghana; individuals and families, both employed and unemployed, are struggling for daily meals,” he stated.

He urged the government to implement pragmatic measures to alleviate this burden on Ghanaians.

“The price toll is weighing heavily on citizens, and it will be appreciated, if something meaningful is done about the high price situations at the various markets across Ghana, as quickly as possible, to avert further exacerbation and thereby prevent public agitations,” Kumadoe appealed.

Kumadoe warned that, in line with survival tendencies, petty crimes may increase, deviant behavior may become more problematic to handle, and public confidence may wane.

“Frankly speaking, the government should be in a position to alleviate the plight of the people by providing safety cushioning platforms for the vulnerable, especially in ways that meet their immediate daily needs,” he concluded.

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