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Parliament Summons Interior Minister Over Wa Killings

The Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament, Andrew Asiamah Amoako, has summoned the Interior Minister, Henry Quartey, to appear before the House on Wednesday, June 26, 2024. The minister is expected to brief lawmakers on the recent killings of private security officers in parts of the country.

This summons follows the murders of two private security men at their duty posts in separate attacks at the Wa East office of the Ghana Education Service and the Wa Model Junior High School.

Members of Parliament for Bole-Bamboi and Wa Central, Yusif Sulemana and Dr. Rashid Pelpuo respectively, have expressed concern and frustration over the lack of progress in investigations and the need for more to be done to address the situation.

Mr. Sulemana stated, “The Minister of Interior last week sent for men and women to Bole to help curb this situation. However, I think that much more is needed to be able to avoid the situation. The members are targeting watchmen. And so a watchman is lying, taking care of whatever he’s supposed to take care of, and then a stone or a block is used in hitting his head and killing the person instantly.”

He added, “Within this short period, three people have been killed. And even before that, serial killings were taking different folks. And I think that this is a very important matter. And I want to draw your attention to it so that the Interior Minister can come to this house and brief us and give some hope to those areas that are affected.”

Dr. Pelpuo also indicated,  “You remember that last year, nearly nine people were killed in this manner in Wa Central, and these were people who didn’t even know that they had enemies, who just go to work with the hope that they will go home and take care of their kids.”

“The police, since last year, have indicated that there is some investigation going on. But before we even got a result of the investigation, some of the killings are happening again in Bole, and the return to Wa just happened, with two people killed at a stretch.”

He further emphasized, “I think that the police must sit down, and I also think that some further and quality investigations have to happen in this matter. We are worried about the situation, we are worried that lives are lost, and not much is done to investigate and bring out the murderers and perpetrators of this crime, and we are calling on the police to be up and doing.”

“So apart from asking the police to do something about it, we are asking him [Interior Minister] to represent here, to report exactly what has happened and what they will do to address this very dangerous situation.”

They called for the Interior Minister to provide a detailed briefing on the situation and the measures being taken to ensure the safety of private security officers and the general public.

The Second Deputy Speaker directed that the Interior Minister appear before the House next Wednesday to provide the necessary briefing and assurances to the affected communities.

“Table, kindly inform the Minister to brief the House next Wednesday, so that’s my ruling.”

Meanwhile, the Ghana Police Service in a statement today, June 18, 2024 has begun investigations into the recent killings of 2 security men at the Wa East office of the Ghana Education Service and the Wa Model Junior High School.

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