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Demzy Baye: The Ghanaian Dance Sensation Captivating Social Media

Demzy Baye has transitioned from nursing to becoming an award-winning Internet sensation, adored by the youth for his viral dance challenges. He is only getting started. Here is his story.

After hijacking the internet with the Kings of Dance Challenges–‘Yeshua’ and ‘Darling Jesus’, Demzy Baye is approaching icon status. The LMF President, as his dedicated fanbase of LMF Citizens call him, has created an empire that has accrued over 77 million views on YouTube to date.

He boasts a remarkable footprint, positioning him as the face of dance trends on Ghanaian social media among the younger generation. While his current achievements stand tall, the much-loved internet sensation has only scratched the surface of his potential. Before the Baye Dance Step became one of the coolest trends in recent memory, Derrick Asare Agyapong underwent his professional training as a nurse at Ho’s Nursing Training College. He had no idea of the whole new world that awaited him.

However, fate had other plans. He eventually took a chance to become something more, turning down a life of stability to follow his heart. The outcome was Demzy Baye–the multidimensional dance powerhouse whose talent has garnered widespread admiration and inspired an entire generation.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing, though. Demzy had to earn his position through hard work and he did so under Dance With A Purpose Academy.

“I quickly developed a camaraderie with the group. Being around people who shared the same passion and dream as me was an empowering experience. It levelled me up. It fueled my journey to greatness in ways I never imagined,”- Demzy Baye

His new sense of community filled the once-aspiring nurse with purpose. It was the nexus of his subsequent abilities, shaping him into an astute dance-oriented choreographer, presenter, producer, critic, coordinator, therapist, hypeman, voiceover artist and digital marketer.

This wealth of talent has taken Demzy from local stages to international ones. In 2023, he earned recognition from the Ghana Dance Awards and the RTP Awards for the Best Dance Duel (with Endurance Grand) and Best TikTok Influencer awards, respectively.

It has also transitioned him from a traditional dancer to one that fits the times. Demzy is now an internet personality capable of elevating brands through his creative thought process and dynamic marketing strategies. Such superiority has earned him an active seat at DWP Academy Ho and DWP Academy World, etching his name into the outfit’s Hall of Fame.

Now setting his sights on music, the acclaimed dancer is working to bring his expressive movements to the industry. He hopes to receive chants of “Baye! Baye! Baye!” upon entry.

“I have prided myself in doing so much over the years. Why not try music? I have danced to so many songs, it is only right I make my own. I am ready for another huge experience.” – Demzy Baye

Till then, the Baye Man is content teaching and mentoring future generations. One thing is guaranteed as Demzy continues his journey: he plans to leave an indelible mark on the world.

He is committed to waltzing to the rhythms of his heart, winning over the world one dance move at a time. “This is all I wanted to do growing up and I will give it my all till the future celebrates me.”

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