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Ghana’s Top Cocoa Farmers Explore Mars Wrigley on UK Tour

A prestigious group of Ghana’s national best cocoa farmers recently visited Mars Wrigley, the world’s largest chocolate manufacturer, during their enlightening tour of the United Kingdom. This factory tour was a key highlight of the farmers’ planned activities, providing them with an in-depth look at the intricate chocolate manufacturing processes at Mars Wrigley.

The farmers had the opportunity to engage with the company’s personnel, share their unique insights, and learn from industry experts. Ms. Ellen Jacobs, the Global Corporate Affairs Manager for cocoa at Mars Wrigley, praised the farmers for their exceptional dedication in supplying the essential raw material for the global chocolate industry. She emphasized their crucial role in sustaining Mars Wrigley’s operations and highlighted the positive societal impact through job creation.

Ms. Jacobs reiterated Mars Wrigley’s commitment to fostering a modern cocoa ecosystem aimed at addressing supply chain challenges through innovative research. She highlighted the company’s support for cocoa farmers in transitioning from poverty to prosperity by providing fair pricing, knowledge sharing, and motivation to enhance cocoa production.

A significant issue addressed during the tour was the Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus (CSSVD), a prevalent threat to cocoa production in countries including Ghana. Ms. Jacobs introduced Mars Wrigley’s innovative CSSVD detection kit, designed for early virus identification to mitigate its impact on cocoa trees. She called for collaboration with COCOBOD to implement this pioneering solution effectively.

Mr. Fiifi Boafo, the Head of Corporate Affairs at the Ghana Cocoa Board and leader of the delegation, expressed gratitude to Mars Wrigley for hosting the farmers at the Mars Chocolate School. He commended the company’s proactive development of the CSSVD detection kit and emphasized the Ghana Cocoa Board’s eagerness to collaborate with Mars Wrigley to ensure widespread access to the kits for early disease detection.

In conclusion, the collaboration between Ghana’s top cocoa farmers and Mars Wrigley signifies a shared commitment to advancing cocoa farming practices, enhancing industry sustainability, and overcoming critical challenges to ensure the prosperity of cocoa farmers and the longevity of Ghana’s cocoa sector.

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