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6th edition of ‘Yes I Can Games’: Persons with disabilities showcase their talents in various sporting discipline

The 6th annual ‘Yes I Can Games’ and ‘Love and Laughter’ festival, organized by the Simon Agbotsu Foundation (SAFFYD), brought together thousands of persons with disabilities from accross the country to the Accra Sports Stadium.

The event, founded in 2018 by Mr. Felix Agbotsu, aims to promote inclusion, accessibility, and empowerment for individuals with disabilities through sports and health screening.

This year’s edition showcased exceptional talents in various sports, including wheelchair basketball, tennis, and blind football. Participants demonstrated remarkable skill and determination, inspiring attendees and challenging stereotypes.
The festival also provided a platform for career development in sports and also serve as platform to encourage the disabled in the community.

Among the notable attendees, such as Madam Bridget Nartey, wheelchair basketball player, she expressed her delight to their enthusiasm and appealed for more frequent events to showcase their abilities.

“We wish this festive season will be held monthly or quarterly for us to continually showcase our abilities.”

Kwasi Kalevi, National Head Coach for the Ghana Wheelchair Basketball Team, emphasized the importance of inclusion and appealed for support from corporate entities, philanthropists, and the government. he added that the event is also a bid in scouting new talent.

Mr. Arnold Adotey McLean, the project and event consultant, said “Putting all logistics together and making sure that everything is on point though it has not been easy task perhaps plans are underway for a regional tour to scout more physically abled talent.”

The ‘Yes I Can Games’ is a testament to the abilities and resilience of persons with disabilities, demonstrating that with support, they can achieve greatness. SAFFYD’s commitment to promoting inclusion and empowerment is creating a more inclusive society where everyone can reach their full potential.”

Story by: Mathew Ahiaveh -Captain

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