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The launch of Great Transformational Plan – Alan lambasts NPP and NDC over excessive borrowing

The Presidential candidate and leader for the Movement for Change, Alan Kyerematen, has criticized the two major political parties, NPP and NDC, over excessive borrowing to fulfill their campaign promises.

He made the statement when he launched his “Great Transformational Plan (GTP)” in Accra on Monday (June 24, 2024).

Alan Kyerematen expressed his dissatisfaction over both parties seeking bailouts from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) over the years to strengthen the economy, describing the situation as a leadership failure. He promised to turn things around when voted into office on December 7.

He further criticized the economic policies of the NDC and NPP, labeling the current economic challenges as a result of their leadership failures. “Condemning the excessive borrowing by the two major parties, arguing that it has plunged the country into financial distress. It is against this backdrop that all the Alliance groups launch their strategic plan named ‘Great Transformational Plan’ (GTP),” he added.

According to Alan Kyerematen, the plan is a transformative approach to economic management, emphasizing fiscal responsibility and sustainable growth. As the December 7 elections approach, he has pledged to shift the economic narrative, aiming to resonate with voters seeking an alternative to the traditional political landscape.

The founder of the National Interest Movement, Dr. Abu Sankara Foster, in an interview with OnlineTimes News, explained that it is important to form the alliance with a single flagbearer to make a great impact.

“We have been able to form the alliance, and the alliance is stronger than any of the individuals within it. It gives us a broad pool of talent from which to choose leaders for all these new initiatives we have brought about. It also brings support from different bases; everybody has their own piece of support. If we bring all those bases of support together, then we can make a serious impact in this election. That is why we have the alliance.”

Dr. Abu Sankara Foster, commenting on past political collaborations, pointed out a key reason for their failure. “The previous alliances did not succeed because after bringing people together, they quarreled about who was going to be the flag bearer,” he explained.

Dr. Foster noted that these disputes often led to the collapse of such alliances at the last moment, undermining their potential impact on the political landscape. His observation sheds light on the challenges facing political coalitions and the importance of resolving leadership questions early in the alliance-building process.

“In this approach, we have decided that we’re going to take a strategy to ensure that we back only one person. But what is important is that we agree on what is to be done by all of us, and all of us commit to it. This is what we did in signing the memorandum.”

Akwasi Addae Odike, who brought his United Progressive Party to join the Alliance, says they will shift the constitution away from giving more powers to the executive arm of Government.

“Our current architectural structure of the constitution has eliminated mass governance and has given room for partisanship in our democratic dispensation. Any party that forms government gives appointments only to members of the party, which has led to significant polarization in our quest to democratize this country. However, in our great transformational document, we are saying that broad-based governance, which is the true definition of democracy, is going to be felt by Ghanaians when we begin to implement an ‘all hands on deck’ governance approach.”

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