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PNP Commends Trade Minister for Cement Price Regulation Bill, Calls for Broader Economic Reforms

The People’s National Party (PNP) has praised the Minister for Trade and Industry for the recent introduction of a bill in Parliament aimed at regulating cement prices. This legislative move is expected to make cement more affordable for ordinary Ghanaians, providing much-needed relief to Ghanaian families.

In a statement, the PNP highlighted the bill’s potential to benefit the Ghanaian populace, particularly families, by lowering construction costs and making housing more accessible. The party criticized opposition to the bill, suggesting that those against it are more interested in protecting the interests of businessmen and women who fund their political campaigns rather than serving their constituents.

“It is evident that some Members of Parliament prioritize the interests of the businessmen and women who funded their campaigns over those of their constituents. These MPs often oppose policies that seek to benefit Ghanaian families due to their obligations to their sponsors,” the statement read.

The PNP has called on the Ministry of Trade, Ministry of Works and Housing, and the Ministry of Agriculture to build on this initiative by introducing additional legislative measures to regulate food and rent prices. According to the party, this would address the escalating costs that are burdening many Ghanaian families.

The statement also included a rallying cry to Ghanaian families to be vigilant in the upcoming 2024 elections. The PNP urged citizens to vote against any political parties that prioritize business interests over the welfare of ordinary citizens.

“We call on all Ghanaian families to vote against any political party in the 2024 elections that puts the interests of businesses ahead of the wellbeing of ordinary citizens like yourselves. Be vigilant and oppose any parties that support business practices that are detrimental to the everyday Ghanaian household. Your families deserve leaders who will prioritize your welfare over corporate profits,” the PNP urged.

The PNP reaffirmed its commitment to supporting Ghana through its challenges, emphasizing the party’s dedication to the welfare of families, communities, and the nation.

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