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NDC Youth Organizer in Agona West launches Beautiful Ladies Association

Agona West Constituency organizer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Freebody Mensah has officially launched “Beautiful Ladies Association, a non-partisan community Youth club for skills development training programme for the youth in the Constituency.

The aforementioned association was launched with a resounding theme dubbed ” Uniting to Pursue the Dream of a young lady”

The association, boasting over 200 members consists of young ladies with diverse backgrounds: some skilled masters of various vocational skills, while others are aspiring and unemployed youth.

Mr. Mensah launching the programme with a spirit of empowerment and support presented hair dryers to two skilled members which symbolizes his commitment to nurturing and celebrating the talent within the group.

He pledged to provide financial and material assistance to support other members in their journey towards acquiring valuable skills and securing a sustainable livelihood.

The heartfelt appreciation displayed by the members was evident as they presented a touching “Gift of a Picture Frame” to commemorate Mr Mensah on the occasion.

He promised to equip additional skilled members with Industrial Sewing Machines, empowering them to further excel in their craft and pursue their dreams with confidence.

The atmosphere at the launch was nothing short of charming, with applause echoing throughout the venue.

The presence of esteemed guests, includes, Central Regional Organiser, Chief Mike Dery , Agona West Parliamentary Candidate, Obaapa Mrs Ernestina Ofori Dangbey, Constituency Chairman, Alex Asiedu Serkome, Women Organizer, Georgina Osei, Deputy Secretary Richard Kofi Dery, Tan Coordinator Henry Biney, Executive Member Kweku Takyi, Deputy Youth Organizer Gifty Esenam Torku, Other Youth Organizer, Jibril Alpha Munkaila, the Assembly Members Hon George Awotwe, Patrick Ofori and the revered representative of the Chief of Bobikuma, added a sense of honor and solidarity to the event.

Mr Mensah extended his deepest gratitude to all and sundry for their unwavering support, enthusiasm, and commitment to community empowerment.

“Your presence and contributions have truly made a difference and set the stage for a future filled with promise and opportunity”

“Together, let us continue to unite, empower, and uplift one another as we strive towards a brighter and more inclusive community for all that will in the short and long run help capture power.”

He encouraged the youth, who could not pursue higher education, not to be disillusioned, but rather take advantage of the programme and acquired skills.

He advised beneficiaries to be self-confident and not to be discouraged by the saying that “it is those who are not academically brilliant that learn trades.”

Mr. Mensah was unhappy about the politicisation of programmes designed to benefit the youth, adding that the skills acquisition initiative “was for the benefit of all the youth of Agona west Constituency and not for the youth of his party alone.

He urged them to be worthy ambassadors of the programme by being dedicated, committed and respectful to their trainers.

The Constituency praised the youth organizer for the initiative and reminded the youth that everyone was endowed with a talent and urged them to take advantage of the programme to develop their latent skills.

By Lawrence Odoom

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