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Legal Watchdog Demands End to “Ambulance Trial,” Alleges Prosecutorial Misconduct

The Lawyers In Search of Democracy (LINSOD) has called for an immediate halt to the high-profile “Ambulance Trial” involving Minority Leader Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, citing alleged misconduct by Attorney General Godfred Dame.

In a press statement, LINSOD condemned the ongoing prosecution as “ridiculous and unconscionable.”

“In any jurisdiction, where justice remains pivotal in dealing with all citizens, and where fairness and adherence to the proper rule of law is the basis of Justice delivery, a prosecution of a leading opposition figure by the government…shall cease forthwith,” the group declared.

LINSOD highlighted several troubling allegations during the trial, including claims that the Attorney General attempted to manipulate evidence and revealed political motives behind the prosecution.

The organization warned that continuing the trial under these circumstances would render any verdict suspect, regardless of the outcome.

LINSOD further urged either the Attorney General’s resignation or an immediate termination of the proceedings to safeguard the integrity of Ghana’s justice system.


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