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Adam-GH Executive Secretary outlines vision for 24-hour economy in Ghana

The Executive Secretary of Adam-GH, Emmanuel Azubila, has detailed a comprehensive plan for implementing a 24-hour economy in Ghana, aimed at boosting productivity and supporting small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Azubila argues that the current work structure in Ghana and many African countries is holding back development. “It is backwardness and ignorance for African countries that are mostly developing nations to work fewer hours with numerous holidays and weekends,” he stated.

The proposal suggests a significant increase in working hours, which would be achieved through a three-shift system, operating around the clock. “With 24hrs economy, we are going to have three different sets of workers,” Azubila explained, detailing how the shifts would be structured to ensure continuous operations.

Highlighting the potential benefits, Azubila emphasized the importance of extending working hours for SMEs: “Support Small Medium Enterprises SMEs to thrive in a 24-hour economy with extended working hours and increased customer access.”

The plan takes into account the current work calendar in Ghana, noting that out of 366 days in a year, 111 are non-working days due to weekends and holidays. Azubila argues that this limited work schedule is insufficient for a developing nation.

“Indeed Ghana we are perishing due to lack of knowledge and strategic thinking to turn things around,” Azubila added by quoting the Bible to underscore his point about the importance of knowledge in national development.



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