Dr Bawumia is a better option than Mahama – Kofi Bentil

IMANI-Africa Senior Vice President Kofi Bentil Advocates for Vice President Dr. Bawumia Over Former President Mahama

In a recent statement, Kofi Bentil, Senior Vice President of IMANI-Africa, voiced his support for Vice President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, citing concerns over former President John Mahama’s suitability to lead the nation.

Bentil highlighted the pivotal choice facing Ghanaians between Mahama and Bawumia for the presidency, emphasizing his role in advocating for the New Patriotic Party (NPP) during elections despite his criticism of the party’s governance.

Expressing frustration with the NPP’s leadership, Bentil underscored his critical stance on issues such as the controversial Egyapa deal and E-levy. Despite his discontent, he concluded that, considering various factors, Bawumia represented the better option for the country’s future.

Bentil’s endorsement of Bawumia was based on a comparative analysis of the candidates’ track records, including considerations of corruption and transformative leadership. He urged for a fair evaluation of Bawumia’s potential contributions to the nation’s development.

In sum, Bentil’s endorsement, while acknowledging potential mistakes, reflects a calculated decision aimed at fostering national progress and giving Bawumia an opportunity to demonstrate his vision for Ghana.

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