Locked-up Investment Holders Forum Is Set To Demonstrate on 24th March Over Locked Up Investments

The Locked-up Investment Holders Forum, its set to hits the street on March 27th, 2024, to demonstrate against Bank of Ghana (BOG) and the Ministry of Finance of neglecting its regulatory duties and their failure to release their locked-up investments.

The Forum highlighted the dire consequences of this neglect, including the suffering of pensioners and the sick, some of whom have reportedly died due to lack of access to their investments.

The Forum’s statement outlines a series of grievances against the BOG, including the refusal to acknowledge their petitions and proposals, as well as the perceived lack of urgency in addressing the issue of locked-up investments.

Despite assurances from the BOG of considering their concerns, the Forum alleges a lack of tangible progress. With public protests scheduled to continue until November 2024, the Forum aims to draw attention to their plight and compel the BOG and government officials to take decisive action.


Below is the full statement

Click here to read the full statement  DOC-20240325-WA0008.

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