After the recent emergency of electric cars in China and western countries like Norway and the United States, HYBRID MOTORS AFRICA, a fully African company has decided to bring this same technology to Africa.

The founders who saw it necessary for Africa not to lag behind in this industrial revolution, decided to launch both in Uganda and Ghana to serve both the East and Southern Part of Africa as well as the Western and Northern parts of Africa.

While details about the Company can be found on the website (hybridmotorsafrica.com) and phone contacts (+256) 0705 322115 – Uganda and (+233) 0546519148 – Ghana, the Chief executive officer of the company mentioned that customers interested in any car can freely interact with the company, choose any car and pay 60% of the cost through their lawyers and bank. The balance of 40% would be paid when the vehicle arrives. Should the car not arrive in agreed time frame, the money is fully refunded by the bank to the customer.

Repair and service of the vehicles which is minimal compared to internal combustion engine cars is to be provided by Hybrid Motors Africa at a negotiated price after the warranty period.

The company’s sale of fully electric and hybrid cars is in line with both the Ghana and Uganda environment friendly policies being implemented as well as the U.N Sustainable development goals which recorgnise the importance of a cleaner environment.

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