Cashew Farmers in Techiman Demonstrate Against Unauthorized Sale of Farmlands

Farmers in Techiman, the capital of the Bono East region, have taken to the streets in protest against the unauthorized sale of their farmlands by certain local chiefs.

Expressing their frustration, they highlighted the rampant conversion of agricultural lands into real estate developments without their consent, leading to conflicts with land guards and significant economic hardship.

“We are mostly attacked by land guards in our own farms and no one is willing to help us deal with the menace. Large cashew farms are been cut down for building projects rendering us in poverty as stressed.”

The Techiman krontihemaa, Nana Amoafowaa Agyeiwaa, condemned the actions of individuals like self-proclaimed kontihene Takyi Firi, whom she accused of spearheading the land grab, warning him to halt his activities before facing repercussions from the aggrieved youth.

“The Techiman krontihemaa, Nana Amoafowaa Agyeiwaa who addressed the media bemoans the rate at which farm Lands are been sold by unscrupulous people to private developers especially cashew farms. She further accused a self acclaimed kontihene Takyi Firi who is behind the act and warned him to immediately desist before the youth hunt for him.”

The protesters, led by a prominent member of the farmers’ group, lamented the loss of valuable cashew farms to urban expansion, exacerbating poverty in the region.

They called for urgent intervention to protect their livelihoods and preserve agricultural lands for future generations, urging authorities to address the issue of illegal land sales and provide assistance in combating the menace of land guards.

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