Aggrieved Customers of Gold Coast Fund Management issue June 30 ultimatum to govt

Customers of Gold Coast Fund Management in the Ashanti region have issued an ultimatum to the government to return their locked-up investments or they will campaign against the party in the upcoming elections.

The customers, who are agitated and frustrated, have set a deadline of June 30, 2024, for the return of their funds.

In an interview with Citi News, Charles Nyame, the convener of the Gold Coast Fund Management customers said over 900 customers have lost their lives due to their inability to access their funds for medical treatment.

Nyame questioned the actions of Dr. Bawumia, who is part of the team that led the financial clean-up exercise in 2017, calling him an “economic hero” who ignores the cries of his people.

The customers feel betrayed by the system and the promises made by the NPP. They believe that the initiatives offered in replacement of their lost investments are not enough to address the hunger and despair they face.

The customers have vowed to make their votes a “scream” in the upcoming elections, as they refuse to be silenced by apathy any longer.

They demand the return of every single cedi they invested, with interest, by the deadline of June 30, 2024.

” Dr. Bawumia, they call you an economic hero, but what kind of hero ignores the cry of his people? We trusted the system and invested our hard-earned money for a secure future but here we are only to be cast aside like dead news. They dangle the public toilet in front of us like some kind of charity.”

“With all due respect Your Excellency, we are not fools. We see through the empty promises. In this year’s election, our votes would not be a choice, it will be a scream born from the death of despair fuelled by years of neglect. We will not be silenced by apathy any more. June 30th is the deadline, give us back our money, every single cedi with interest.”

“We have over 900 of our people, those are the ones that we have their records of their obituaries, they are dead and gone.”


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