Ghana ranked 7th African country with highest X (Twitter) users

With active internet users of 24.06 million people as of January 2023, Ghana has ranked the seventh country in Africa with the highest X, formerly Twitter users, according to DataReporters.

The expansion of Twitter—now known as X—across Africa is evidence of the platform’s increasing power to transform the political and social climate of the region.

X has become a potent tool for promoting good change, fostering inclusivity, and accelerating African economic development.

Its influence has been enormous, from connecting people and encouraging citizen journalism to amplifying perspectives.

Industries have accelerated expansion by utilising the platform’s vast audiences, from digital campaigns and crowdsourcing projects to customer acquisition and business promotion.

Additionally, the platform makes it easier for talent development, information sharing, and access to international markets, enabling African inventors and entrepreneurs to prosper in the digital age.

X has also been an influential platform for events across the continent. It also serves as a news source for many online users.

Across the continent of Africa, it is difficult to talk about X without bringing up how important it is for fostering connections.

An excellent example of how Africans use social media to engage in amicable conversation and bond over their shared passion for sports such as the African Cup of Nations and the just-ended 13th African Games hosted in Accra.

Below is the list of the top 10 African countries with the highest number of X users created by DataReporter:

1. Egypt
Egypt tops the list with 5.84 million Twitter users. The platform is vital for Egypt’s social and political conversation, enabling Egyptians to express themselves and keep informed.

2. Nigeria
Nigeria follows closely, with 5.75 million users. Twitter has been instrumental in initiatives such as #EndSARS, demonstrating its usefulness in social action and citizen journalism.

3. South Africa
With 4.1 million users, South Africa uses Twitter to connect its diverse population, providing a forum for dialogue and social interaction.

4. Kenya
Kenya, which has 1.87 million Twitter users, uses the platform to promote its media and technology businesses, boosting economic growth and innovation.

5. Algeria
Algeria has 1.24 million Twitter users, who utilise the platform to promote public conversation and communicate with a global audience.

6. Morocco
Morocco, which has 1.18 million Twitter users, uses the platform to boost its media presence and create economic opportunities in a variety of areas.

7. Ghana
Ghana’s 1.17 million Twitter users highlight the platform’s impact on social change by allowing Ghanaians to participate in global conversations.

8. Uganda
Uganda, which has 638,800 Twitter users, sees the platform as a tool for community development and knowledge exchange, generating a sense of connectivity.

9. Tanzania
Tanzania’s 621,100 Twitter users use the site to receive information and participate in national discussions, hence improving public discourse.

10. Zambia
Zambia concludes the list with 336,300 users, demonstrating Twitter’s expanding significance in connecting Zambians and promoting digital literacy.


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