Leadership changes at GRA; Apenteng Gyamerah named Commissioner for Domestic Tax

The Ministry of Finance has announced key appointments to leadership positions within the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

Among the notable appointments is Ms. Julie Essiam, who now assumes the role of Commissioner-General, leading the charge in steering the GRA’s strategic direction.

Additionally, Mr. Edward Apenteng Gyamerah has been named the Commissioner for the Domestic Tax Revenue Division, tasked with overseeing tax-related matters within the country.

Accompanying these appointments are Ms. Pearl Darko, appointed as Commissioner for the Support Services Division, and Brigadier General Ziblim Ayorrogo, who takes on the role of Commissioner for Customs.

These appointments, effective immediately, aim to fortify the GRA’s operations and ensure the attainment of set targets, all while upholding standards of professionalism, equity, and top-notch client service, as highlighted in a statement issued by the Ministry on April 9, 2024.

In expressing gratitude, the Ministry acknowledged the invaluable contributions of the outgoing leadership of the GRA, recognizing their dedication and service to the nation.


Attached below is the full statement 


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