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Dog mauls sleeping baby in Accra; tears off body parts

A 2-year-old toddler is fighting for his life at Korle Bu Teaching Hospital after a vicious attack by a mixed Shepherd breed dog on Monday night.

The harrowing attack resulted in severe injuries, including the tearing off of his buttocks and private parts, leaving the toddler in critical condition.

The sudden and ferocious nature of the attack left the family and witnesses in shock and disbelief.

As the toddler battles through immense pain, his mother, with tears in her eyes, recounts the haunting events of that tragic night when her baby’s life was endangered.

“I stepped into the washroom to relieve myself while my child slept peacefully in the courtyard. Suddenly, I heard his cry, assuming it was merely because I had briefly left his side.”

“I rushed back only to find the dog attacking my baby inside the mosquito net where we had been sleeping”, Sarah Aboagye, the mother disclosed to TV3’s Godwin Asediba.

The father, Eugene Addo, who also happens to work for the owner of the dog, expressed deep disappointment over the owner’s reluctance to fully accept responsibility for the incident, despite their supposed close relationship.

“My boss brought my wife and child from the Eastern Region to Accra because he disapproved of me spending too much time away with my family”, he explained.

“Where I sleep is a small security room, which gets hot and uncomfortable for the baby. That’s why they sleep outside in the compound of the house. My boss initially expressed interest in finding a place for them, but after we located one and informed him about it, he chose to ignore our request”.

“I witnessed my son’s desperate struggle with the dog until he managed to break free and run to me for comfort. It was then that I noticed something was terribly wrong. Turning on the light, I saw that the dog had scratched his face and bitten off portions of his buttocks”, Eugene Addo narrated in tears.

Medical call and mounting bills


According to Dr. Glover Addy, a plastic surgeon of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, the injuries inflicted by the dog are severe, requiring intensive treatment at the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital. However, the mounting medical bills are posing a significant financial burden for the already distressed parents.

Dr. Glover Addy, a dedicated plastic surgeon at the hospital, is leading the efforts to provide the best possible care and treatment for the toddler, working tirelessly to ensure his recovery.

Despite attempts to seek answers and accountability, the owner of the dog has remained tight-lipped about the incident, refusing to speak on camera. However, eyewitnesses who were present during the attack have come forward to shed light on the tragic events.

“We heard the dog barking and saw the mother of the baby running so fast to get a car for the baby,” a neigbour said.

As the home of the family grapples with shock and sadness over the incident, there is a growing call for accountability and support for the toddler and his family.


Source: 3NEWS

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