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Election 2024: Cheddar pledges to combat unemployment, boost GDP

The leader and founder of the New Force, Nana Kwame Bediako, popularly known as Cheddar, has articulated his commitment to reducing Ghana’s unemployment rate and enhancing the country’s GDP by harnessing the potential of human and natural resources.

Bediako, speaking during the launch of a public campaign funding for the New Force in Accra, on Monday, May 6, 2024, asserted that his government, if elected, will prioritise the utilisation of natural resources by Ghanaians as a means to create employment opportunities.

He highlighted the importance of leveraging the country’s resources effectively, citing examples such as the transformation of cocoa into various products as a model for job creation and economic growth.

“We need to learn from how our cocoa can become chocolate in seven different types and the brown silt of that cocoa will be recycled to do something else. That alone can create five hundred thousand jobs and you can add another 5% to the existing GDP of the economy of this country. And so, the mineral resources of the New Force, we are here to combine the mineral resources and the human resources together and make it internal, localised silt,” Bediako explained.

Moreover, he outlined his party’s ambitions to extend their strategies beyond Ghana and collaborate with other African nations to optimise the use of their resources.

Cheddar emphasised the importance of a holistic approach that integrates both human and mineral resources for sustainable development.

He underscored his vision for regional cooperation and economic empowerment, stating, “In fact, once we finish with Ghana, we are interested in other African countries, just to help them because that is the way we should deal with our minerals, both human resources and mineral resources.”

He also emphasised the significance of public funding for political campaigns as a solution to combat vote buying and corruption among government officials.

Bediako highlighted the establishment of the Save Ghana Fund, a platform intended to generate support from citizens to transform the political landscape and elevate governance standards.

He urged Ghanaians to actively participate in shaping the country’s future by investing in leaders who prioritise national interest over personal gain.

“On this note, you’ve given me the opportunity to tell Ghanaians, that the Save Ghana Fund, is basically for the nation to help us to change the narrative for the first time in history. Help us change the narrative. Your power is your thumb and who you choose to vote for should not be able to connive or instruct you to vote for them based on payments.

“I want you to be an investor of your leader, of your national governance. I want the nation to see that they are responsible for creating leaders,” Bediako passionately expressed.

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