Newly imported train from Poland set to resume operations in June, says Amewu

The Minister of Railways Development, John Peter Amewu, has disclosed that the recently imported train from Poland, involved in an accident during a self-acceptance test, will be operationalised by the second week of June, as the government expects new parts for repairs soon.

During a test run, the train, which was intended for operation on the Tema-Mpakadan railway line, collided with a stationary track, raising concerns about its readiness for service.

The incident resulted in the arrest and subsequent sentencing of the driver of the Hyundai truck involved in the collision to six months in jail.

In an exclusive interview with Asaase Radio’s Nana Oye Ankrah, Amewu disclosed that engineers are diligently working on repairing the damaged train.

He explained that efforts are underway to ensure the train’s functionality and safety before commissioning it for service.

“The train will bridge very soon. It was quite unfortunate that we had that nasty scene where the train had to run into a stationary vehicle. I think you were all there to see it,” Amewu stated.

“So what we have done now is order the parts. The parts will be brought in in the next three, or four weeks. The area or the part that got damaged,” he continued.

The minister further estimated that the commissioning of the line would occur anytime from the first week to the second week in June, emphasising that the arrival of the parts is crucial to the restoration process.

“We still estimate that commissioning of the line will be coming in any time from the first week to the second week in June. So the arrival of the parts is what we are waiting for. Immediately we get the parts in, the train will be pulled back too,” Amewu said.

The Tema-Mpakadan railway line is expected to facilitate the efficient movement of goods and passengers, contributing to economic development and regional connectivity.

While acknowledging the setback caused by the accident, Amewu expressed confidence in the capabilities of the engineering team tasked with repairing the train.

He assured the public of the government’s commitment to ensuring the timely completion of the repairs and the subsequent commissioning of the train for service.

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