CODEO Calls for Action Against Electoral Malpractices

The Coalition of Domestic Election Observers (CODEO) has urged the Electoral Commission (EC) to ensure the prosecution of persons who are arrested for inciting violence in the ongoing limited voter registration exercise.

Instances of violence have marred registration centers across various regions, including Kukuom in the Ahafo Region, Adugyama in the Ashanti Region, and Cape Coast in the Central Region.

The National Coordinator at CODEO, Albert Arhin, emphasized the necessity of prosecuting these offenders as a deterrent to potential future wrongdoers.

“The culprits, those who indulge in these election malpractices are to be punished. And the citizenry should see that these people are punished. The moment you just make a wishy-washy kind of arrest, then we don’t hear anything again, people will always want to do it again. So when we arrest them, let us prosecute them so that it serves as a deterrent to others.

“If we don’t punish, people will think that it is something that everybody can do and they will go on committing and committing and committing these daily mistakes.”

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