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Chief Justice calls for legal education for students

The Chief Justice, Gertrude Araba Esaaba Sackey Torkornoo, has stressed the significance of instilling an understanding of the law in students.

As part of her mentoring initiative, she administered the oath of office to the newly appointed executives of the Justice Club at Chemu Senior High Technical School.

In her address, Justice Torkornoo highlighted the importance of cultivating an appreciation for the principles of law and justice from an early age.

She emphasised that this would enhance the effectiveness of justice delivery and promote peace and prosperity.

“When things are done in an orderly fashion, there’s peace, and as there’s peace, people invest, and when people invest, there’s an increase in prosperity,” she explained, adding “There’s a direct linkage between societies that respect the rule of law and societies that are highly prosperous.”

Justice Torkornoo believes children and young people must understand the value of law and justice before entering the workforce to contribute to a more orderly and prosperous society.

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