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Actress Kehinde Bankole Sets Eyes On The Oscars

After securing the Best Lead Actress Award at the prestigious Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards for her stellar performance in ‘Adire,’ acclaimed actress Kehinde Bankole sets her sights on Hollywood’s biggest honor, an Academy Award, commonly known as the Oscars.

In an exclusive interview monitored by Starr FM Entertainment, Bankole voiced her ambition, stating, “I would like an Oscar nomination. Every actor should actually want to get international exposure and opportunities. In Africa, obviously, we are really working hard. If we can get more international recognition, why not? We are gradually getting there on our own though.”

Reflecting on her recent triumph at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards, where she clinched the ‘Best Lead Actress’ accolade, Bankole expressed gratitude, emphasizing the responsibility it places on her to continue delivering outstanding performances.

Acknowledging the collaborative effort behind ‘Adire,’ Bankole extended appreciation to her fellow cast members, including Yvonne Jegede, Funlola Aofiyebi-Raimi, and Ifeanyi Kalu.

She emphasized the importance of teamwork, emphasizing that without a compelling narrative, every actor’s performance would lack depth.

As Bankole continues to captivate audiences with her talent and dedication, her aspirations for international recognition serve as a testament to the burgeoning success of African cinema on the global stage.

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