Seventy-One Arrested in Connection with Violent Assault on Bepong Chief’s Palace and Police Officers

Forty-Six More Detained as Investigations Uncover Roles in the Attack

In a significant development, the Ghana Police Service has apprehended a total of seventy-one individuals connected to the recent attacks on the Bepong Chief’s palace and police officers in Kwahu Bepong, Eastern Region. This morning’s arrest of forty-six people adds to the initial twenty-five, bringing the total number of suspects in custody.

The assailants, who also injured seven individuals, including five police officers, and caused extensive damage to both public and private property, targeted the Bepong Chief’s Palace on February 4, 2024. The violence erupted when police officers were called to take over a murder suspect, Kwasi Nyarko, who had been apprehended by community members.

Upon investigation, forty of the detainees have been identified as having played various roles in the attacks, with evidence linking them to the crime. These individuals are currently held to assist further in the ongoing investigation.

The violent incident unfolded as community members, aware of Nyarko’s arrest, gathered at the palace with intentions of lynching the suspect. When the police intervened to prevent the lynching, the crowd turned hostile, attacking the officers and causing significant property damage.

A reinforcement team was swiftly deployed, successfully bringing the situation under control. Since then, security, law, and order have been restored in the Bepong township.

All seventy-one suspects will be brought before the court to face justice for their roles in the violent assault on the Chief’s Palace and the police officers. The police emphasize their commitment to ensuring a thorough and fair legal process for all involved parties.


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