Minority Leader Vows Opposition to Removal of Indelible Ink from Electoral Process

The Minority Leader in Parliament, Dr. Cassiel Ato Forson, has reaffirmed the Minority’s staunch opposition to any attempts by the Electoral Commission (EC) to eliminate the use of indelible ink from the electoral process for the 2024 polls.

The EC’s proposal to scrap indelible ink, a traditional method employed to prevent multiple voting, in favor of purportedly “modern” verification methods has sparked widespread controversy and resistance from the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) and other stakeholders.

Addressing Parliament on February 6, 2024, Dr. Ato Forson emphasized the Minority’s unwavering stance, stating, “Mr. Speaker, we will not countenance the elimination of indelible ink from the electoral process. We will not! Read my lips, we will not! Touch wood, we will not.”

Dr. Ato Forson argued that the use of indelible ink has been a time-tested and integral component of Ghana’s electoral process, serving as a vital tool for identifying voters and maintaining the integrity of elections. He stressed the importance of retaining indelible ink as it adds another layer of transparency and verification to the electoral process, ensuring that voters are visibly and physically verified in addition to biometric verification.

Highlighting the significance of indelible ink in preventing multiple voting, Dr. Ato Forson underscored its role in upholding the integrity of elections and maintaining public trust in the electoral process.

The Minority Leader’s remarks underscore the deep-seated concerns within Parliament and the broader political landscape regarding the proposed changes to electoral procedures. As discussions continue, stakeholders are urged to prioritize measures that safeguard the transparency, credibility, and fairness of Ghana’s electoral system.

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