Your ‘allowance’ comment comes from a place of disdain – UTAG demands apology from UniMAC VC

The Vice Chancellor delivered his views during a public lecture hosted by the SD Dombo University of Business and Integrated Development Studies.

Prof Kwansah-Aidoo advocated abolishing the stipend and replacing it with an application-based research fund.

But UTAG said that the remarks were ‘sneering’ and disheartening noting that “such significant remarks were made with a limited understanding of what the BRA is used for.”

“We find his comments as coming from a place of disdain and a depiction of a long-standing culture of some academics climbing to the top and turning back to remove the very ladder that led them there. His statement that, he does not know what academics do with the BRA is condescending, distasteful, and pretentious, to say the least.”

According to UTAG, the Book and Research Allowance (BRA) is not limited to scientific publications, as recommended by the Vice Chancellor.

In a statement issued by National Secretary Eliasu Mumuni, UTAG stated that the allowance is also critical in supporting its members’ academic pursuits and professional growth, as well as encouraging a culture of research excellence in institutions.

The Union emphasised that its research operations not only result in scholarly publications, but also help to improve education and contribute to society.

The Union emphasised that the Vice Chancellor’s plan to eliminate the BRA is based on an incomplete understanding of research activity.

The group requested an apology from the Vice Chancellor for his statements.

“We call on the Vice Chancellor to apologise to the entire membership of UTAG and, in subsequent pronouncements, engage in constructive dialogue with UTAG to gain a deeper understanding of the perspectives, concerns and research efforts of our members,” portions of the February 3 statement read.

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