The second suspect in the Kasoa ritual murder case claims he was framed.

Kini and Nyarko have been on trial since 2021 for allegedly ritually murdering Ishamael Abdallah.

Nyarko admitted to the crime and described in court how they lured Abdallah into an unfinished structure, beat him with a stick and a block, and buried him alive. However, Kini disputes these allegations.

Kini defended himself by stating that he and Nyarko are acquaintances from the same area rather than friends.

Although he confirmed that Nyarko spent the night in his room prior to the event, he said that it was because Nyarko’s door was locked and he had requested to remain overnight.

When questioned on his honesty during cross-examination, Kini maintained his version of events and indicated that he had been set up.

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