Seven suspects are in police arrest for the killing of the owner of ‘Jirapa Dubai’.

The police stated on Sunday that five individuals were in custody.
However, in another press announcement issued on Monday [February 12, 2024], the police stated that two additional suspects were apprehended on Sunday night, bringing the total number of suspects in custody to seven.

They are all employees of the Royal Cosy Hill Hotel in Jirapa, which is owned by the late Eric Johnson.
Eric Johnson was discovered in a pool of water in his own flat on the hotel and safari park grounds on Sunday, February 11, triggering an inquiry.

The two additional suspects have been identified by police as Charles Tuoze and Favour Nuobe.

The police have named the other five suspects as Dookuuri Fausta, Braimah Kasim, Beyuo Felix, and Michael Klugey, all of whom work at the Cosy Hill Hotel.

They are all in police custody and supporting the investigation, along with suspect Kumbata Kwaku, who was detained earlier on Sunday.

Police investigations are ongoing to bring the perpetrator(s) to justice.


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