Deputy Communications Minister orders OMA to use OGS system for debt.

Madam Pomaa Boateng, speaking as the President’s envoy during the inauguration of the 8th Assembly and the swearing-in of Assembly members at Obuasi, stated that the OGP tool, when implemented, will allow Assembly members to effectively interact with their electorates.

The OGP is a multinational project aimed at obtaining tangible pledges from national and sub-national governments to promote open government, empower citizens, combat corruption, and use new technology to improve governance.

It is based on the notion of central and municipal governments becoming more transparent, accessible, responsive, and responsible to their constituents.

This is intended to boost confidence among duty bearers and the governed, encourage more participation in decision-making at all levels, and promote openness in government operations.

According to the Deputy Minister of Communication and Digitalization, while components of the OGP are being implemented locally through durbars and community forums, it was critical to use technology to bring governance closer to the people.

She entrusted the MCE and the Member of Parliament with leading this drive and implementing the digital platform that would allow Assembly members to connect with their constituents, engage with them, and be accountable to them.

Ama Pomaa Boateng, the Member of Parliament for the Juaben Constituency in the Ashanti Region, recommended that one of the most important approaches to develop the local governance system is to increase the competency of Assembly members.

“I encourage the Assembly to invest in building the capacity of the Assembly members. I am convinced once they learn the basic rudiments of leadership, they will be able to function optimally at the local level.”

The chief of Dompoase in the Ashanti Region, Okofo Kwabena Bonsu I, who presided over the event, exhorted Assembly members to work efficiently with their Member of Parliament, MCE, and Nananom.

He again bemoaned the Assembly’s excessive politicisation, urging freshly sworn-in members to avoid it.

Kwaku Kwarteng, Member of Parliament for Obuasi West, and Elijah Adansi-Bonah, Chief Executive of the Obuasi Municipal Assembly, both congratulated the Assembly members and urged them to prioritise the interests of their constituents over all other considerations.

Thirty Assembly members were sworn in, including 19 elected and 11 appointments.

The Assembly members were required to take oaths of office, confidentiality, and allegiance, which were overseen by His Worship Michael Ampadu, the Magistrate of the Obuasi Circuit Court.
James Adaboh, an Assembly member from Bogobiri Electoral Area, was chosen Presiding Member of the Obuasi Municipal Assembly.

He received 20 votes as opposed to 8 votes from his lone opponent, David Odoom.

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