Chocolatarium Summit: Unveiling the Significance of Cocoa for Ghana’s Economy and Health

The highly anticipated climax of the 2024 Chocolatarium, The Business of Chocolate, unfolded yesterday at 10 a.m. at the Accra Tourist Information Centre, marking a significant moment in the chocolate industry.

The event was divided into four segments; it commenced with a partnering message from some executives in the various cocoa companies. They enlightened the audience on the agenda for the day and also gave a summary of the need for the observation of the Chocolate Day celebration.

Edward Amporful, the Chief Pharmacist of Cocoa Clinic, took the stage to present the second segment of the event, focusing on the topic of consumer health and wellness. With confidence and expertise, he engaged the audience in a lively discussion, sharing valuable insights and knowledge on the subject.

According to him, “Cocoa has a high amount of some minerals, which include magnesium, potassium, and copper. These three minerals are cardioprotective, which means they protect heart function.”

He added that a low level of selenium is directly related to diabetic neuropathy, which is a kidney disease. So the regular intake of cocoa, which contains a high level of selenium, reduces the risk of getting diabetes.

Dr. Amporful concluded his presentation on the topic of how he wishes cocoa would be added to all Ghanaian foods to help promote its health benefits and importance.

In their discussions, Mr. Ansong elaborated on some challenges they faced, including how Ghanaians had no regard for chocolate and how they had surprisingly embraced the cocoa product, chocolate.

The first panel discussion was crowned with a suggestion from an invited guest: instead of limiting the chocolate day celebration to February 14th every year, why don’t we dedicate a whole month for the celebration and name it the ‘Chocolate Festival’.

The last segment was the 2nd panel discussion on the topic, Cocoa as a Strategic Marketing Tool for Tourism Promotion, which was moderated by the CEO of Kaya Tour, Abeiku Aggrey, and his panel members, the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Gh, Kwabena Agyekum, Dep. CEO, Ghana Tourism Authority,Anane-Nsiah, President of the Ghana Hotels Association, Edward Ackah-Nyamike Jr., and Director, Research, Ghana Cocoa Board, Francis Baah.

The panel members shared their opinions on how they use cocoa products in their various working sectors to help promote tourism in the country.

In conclusion, the aim of the Chocolatarium summit was to help people understand and know the importance of cocoa to our Ghanaian economy and its health benefits to individuals.

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