Enhance Crime Investigation to Combat Rising Antisocial Behavior – Richard Kumadoe

Richard Kumadoe, a Fraud Prevention Expert and Security Consultant, underscored the critical need for improved crime investigation procedures to address escalating antisocial behavior within society.

Kumadoe emphasized that unresolved crimes and prolonged investigations contribute to increased crime rates in specific jurisdictions. He urged for the collaboration of specially trained legal officers, crime prosecution specialists, and frontline crime investigation teams to efficiently tackle hardened criminals and complex crimes.

Failure to address these issues, Kumadoe warned, could lead to continued mystery deaths and negative societal impacts. The statement also paid homage to the late Ahmed Suale, highlighting the importance of preventing crimes and related activities in urban areas for the nation’s overall well-being.

Read the full statement below:

Evidence Gathering, Crime Investigation, and Crime Prosecution

Nonpunishable offences, will always rationalise bad behaviour, and promote antisocial tendencies in society.

There are reasons why certain crimes may take shorter, or longer periods to be considered, and even investigated to the full.

However, unresolved crime investigations, and prolonged crime determinations, fuel negativity, and may/will, increase crime rates, within specific jurisdictions.

Specially trained legal officers, crime prosecution specialists, crime scene professionals, and frontline crime investigation officers, must work together, in strategic teams, and typical hardened criminals, and complex crimes, will be unravelled, and resolved, within timelines, or steady progress could be made, to the admiration of the onlookers.

Mystery deaths will continue in any environment, where crimes are not fully investigated, and offenders are not prosecuted.

Frankly speaking, we can do far better, and be much resourcesfully happier, as a nation, in search of answers to preventing crimes, and related activities, in the inner cities.

*Rest well, Ahmed Suale.*

Richard Kumadoe , Fraud Prevention Expert and Security Consultant (Author, The Investigator’s Guide Book).

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