Ministry of Education Refutes False Claims: Contractor Locks School Over Alleged Unpaid Services

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The Ministry of Education has reacted to the recent video circulating, depicting a contractor allegedly locking a school due to unpaid services and wish to clarify the situation and emphasize key facts.

“The contract, awarded in 2016 by the Birim Central District Assembly, was for the construction of a 6-unit classroom block in the Eastern Region. The project was completed by Ogbee Company Limited, with subcontractor Kontoh Sadea & Sons Ltd., and officially handed over in February 2021.”

According to the Ministry of Education, the contractors submitted five payment certificates, all of which were promptly processed and fully paid by GETFUND by contractual terms.

“The Ministry finds it surprising and unacceptable for the contractor to take such drastic action based on unfounded claims of unpaid services. Preventive measures are actively being pursued to avoid similar incidents in the future.”


Read the full statement below:

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