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Vodafone Ghana Now Telecel Ghana

Vodafone Ghana has formally altered its brand name to Telecel Ghana, a strategic move intended to increase the financial accessibility of communication services in the nation. This is a major step for the telecommunications industry.

The operations that Vodafone formerly administered, including fixed phone lines, internet, voice, and data services, cash transfers, and other commercial services, are now under the jurisdiction of Telecel Ghana.

This change comes in response to Telecel Group’s acquisition of a 70% majority stake in Vodafone Ghana.

Patricia Obo-Nai, the CEO of Telecel Ghana, underlined the dedication to innovation and digital inclusiveness of the recently announced Telecel network during the formal renaming event.

Mrs. Obo-Nai assured improved service delivery and an emphasis on mobile banking solutions, assuring customers of a revolutionary experience on the Telecel platform.

When considering the changeover process, Obo-Nai emphasised the year of planning that came after Telecel Group’s calculated purchase of Vodafone Ghana’s shares.

She emphasised the methodical strategy used to introduce the Telecel brand, which began with internal stakeholders and moved on to important external partners and clients before ending with a public launch event at the Labadi Beach Hotel.

The Telecel Play app was launched as part of Telecel Ghana’s rebranding initiatives, with the goal of providing users with a variety of digital innovations and mobile financial services.

Mrs. Obo-Nai highlighted the company’s presence in all 16 regions of Ghana, noting that in the days to come, there are plans to interact with and present the new Telecel brand services to a larger audience.

Customers, partners, and stakeholders may anticipate a new era of communication services marked by improved digital experiences and a customer-centric approach with the launch of Telecel Ghana.

Thus, Vodafone Ghana ceased operations in Ghana in February 2023. Therefore, we entered into an agreement with Telecel Group to acquire 70% of Vodafone Group’s ownership stake in Ghana Telecom. A year of change has passed. We therefore announced the launch of the Telecel brand yesterday and terminated our association with the Vodafone brand. We began the morning at the conference centre with our staff, so they would be the first to witness it.

We have made it clear that clients can expect a totally different experience from us in terms of our network, customer service, and—most importantly—mobile financial services. This is part of our brand promise. Numerous digital advancements are anticipated to emerge. Thus, we released the Telecel Play app, which we urge everyone to download. And as time goes on, you start to notice the changes that are going to occur, particularly in financial services. As a result, we are accessible in all 60 regions, and we plan to expand there to introduce the new Telecel brand to the public.

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