WAEC appeals to gov’t to pay its outstanding debts

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has urged the government to expedite the payment of outstanding dues owed to the council. Ensuring prompt compensation for examiners, invigilators, and supervisors involved in the 2023 exams is crucial, according to WAEC.

During a press briefing on the 2024 school exams, Cornelius Azumah, WAEC’s Director of Finance, emphasized the importance of addressing this issue without delay. He emphasized that swift resolution of these payments is essential for WAEC to fulfill its obligations and ensure the smooth conduct of future examinations.

He elaborated, “In 2022, we had to allocate some fees designated for the 2023 examination to compensate supervisors and regulators for 2022. We have been actively pursuing this matter and are awaiting the timely release of funds to facilitate payments to supervisors and regulators for 2023 and to adequately prepare for the 2024 examination.”

He continued, “To date, we have utilized a portion of these funds, leaving approximately GH¢9.9 million allocated for 2022. Additionally, for the main examination in 2023, we have approximately GH¢40,000,000 allocated. Furthermore, for the practical test, we anticipate receiving approximately GH¢7,400,000, which will enable us to fully compensate stakeholders.”

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