GNPC Faces Staff Agitation Amid Managing Director’s Refusal to Take Leave

The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) faces internal turmoil as staff members voice their grievances against Managing Director Mr. Awhene Danquah. Despite demands for him to proceed on leave for investigation purposes, Mr. Danquah’s continued presence has sparked agitation among the workforce.

Senior staff members argue that his ongoing tenure could compromise the integrity of the investigations, necessitating immediate action.

The Aggrieved Public Sector Workers Ghana, led by Convenor Norbert Gborgbortsi, stands in solidarity with the protesting employees, advocating for fairness and transparency within the organization. The association highlights concerns over Mr. Danquah’s alleged plans to promote individuals lacking the necessary qualifications, citing instances of nepotism and favoritism.

Of particular concern are proposed promotions for individuals such as Millicent Samira Lardi-Glawu and Akosua Adepa Safo, whose qualifications and conduct have come under scrutiny. Additionally, delays in contract payments, notably in the decommissioning of the salt pond oil field, have raised questions about financial management practices within GNPC.

The association emphasizes GNPC’s social responsibility obligations, noting failures in providing funds for community support projects. The group calls upon the government to conduct thorough investigations into training fees and related expenditures to ensure accountability and protect public funds.


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The Ghana National petroleum cooperation ( GNPC ) has hinted of staff agitation after the managing Director Mr. Awhene Danquah has failed to proceed on leave for a committee of enquires to investigate him. According to Senior staff members of the cooperation, his continue stay in the office whiles investigations is carried out is not the best labour practice and will interfere the job of the committee of inquiries and so the workers are starting with red bands immediately. The Convenor of the Aggrieved Public sector workers Ghana, Norbert Gborgbortsi and his union are in full support of the agitation as the only means to ensure equity among workers in Ghana. The association for some weeks lashed at the managing director of GNPC, Mr.Awhene Danquah for gross misconduct and abuse of public office. The worse of it all according to the workers is an intended promotion by Mr.Ahwene Danquah and described as ridiculous. This is intentionally to promote family and friends in his office as follows.Millicent Samira Lardi-Glawu

Promoted last year from Assistant Officer to Officer, Chief Executive’s Office. Intention is to promote her to Deputy Manager, Corporate Affairs. She has no skills set for the position.

Akosua Adepa Safo

Promoted from Assistant Protocol Officer in May 2022 to Protocol Officer. Prior to joining GNPC in 2022, she was Personal Assistant to Hon. Freddie Blay. Indicted for US$16,000 financial malfeasance. Intention is to promote her to Deputy Manager.

Patience Azuntaba

Senior Officer, Social Performance & Local Content. Intention is to promote her to Deputy Manager, Social Performance & Local Content

Boahen Ampofo

Assistant Officer, Chief Executive’s Office. Related to Mr. Asante Bediatuo. Intention is to promote him to Principal Officer, Chief Executive’s Office.

The association further noted that, delays in contract payments like decommission of salt pond oil field has accrued interest even if the finance minister has released funds.” Is it not ridiculous that GNPC under his leadership has failed to provide funds for community support projects as it’s social responsibility quiz?”The group has finally called on government to immediately ensure an intense investigations into training fees and related expenditure to ensure transparency and protect the public purse.


Norbert Gborgbortsi, Convenor Aggrieved public sector workers Ghana


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