Traditional Authorities Play a Very Crucial Role in The Body Politics of Ghana – Speaker of Parliament

The Rt Hon Speaker of the Parliament, Alban Sumana Kingsford Bagbin, has indicates the urgent need to safeguard traditional values and promote community-driven development initiatives emphasising the indispensable contribution of traditional authorities to the socio-political landscape of Ghana.

He underscored their pivotal role in steering the country towards genuine development, urging them to shift the political narrative from deceit to progress.

“Talk to us, the chiefs, and talk about us, to shape the political discourse from deceit to development. The traditional authorities remain the leading institution in this country with unblemished character, and I will expect to see you play a very crucial rule in the body politics and as the custodians of this rich country, Ghana.” He added.

Speaker highlighted the pressing issues such as environmental degradation and inadequate nutrition in schools, attributing these challenges to a lack of concern for the less privileged and a decline in cultural values.

Moreover, he emphasized the significance of culture in national identity and development, cautioning against the blind adoption of globalized norms at the expense of indigenous values.

Stating that, “as a country we should be reminded that it is our culture which identifies as a people and anchors us to develop. And therefore we as Ghanaians should be mindful of what we accept in our culture in the name of globalization and human rights and cited the Bible according first Corinthians 6: 12 that “all things are lawful but not all are expedient”.

The Speaker admonished the economic empowerment of local communities, particularly in resource-rich areas like Takpo advocating for responsible mining practices and urged the government to grant community mining licenses to enable legal and sustainable exploitation of natural resources.

“He therefore called on the Government through the Minerals Commission to grant them community mining license to enable the teeming youth you engage in legal and responsible mining within the community.”

He used the occasion to applaud Takpo Naa, Queen mothers, Queens, elders and Takpoolo for the establishment and continuous celebration of the Wilaa festival for more than twenty-six years now.


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