12-year-old Girl Alleged Marriage: CDS Africa Calls for Urgent Action to Protect Vulnerable Youth

The Africa Center for Democracy and Socioeconomic Development (CDS Africa) has called for action following a distressing incident of a 12-year-old girl who is alleged to have been married to 63-year-old Gborbu Wulomo in Nungua.

CDS Africa condemns the practice and urges government, civil society, and stakeholders to unite in addressing its root causes, enforcing laws, and providing support services for survivors.

“As a think tank that believes in ensuring that all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education leading to relevant and effective learning outcomes, we unequivocally condemn this act and call on Government, other civil society organizations, religious leaders, and all stakeholders to come together and tackle the root causes of child marriage and implement measures to protect children from exploitation and harm.”

Meanwhile, the GaDangme Council has clarified it as a betrothal, not a marriage, the event has sparked widespread concern about child marriage in Ghana.

CDS Africa added that, “We cannot turn a blind eye to the plight of millions of children forced into marriage. It is imperative that we take decisive action to end child marriage once and for all and ensure that every child can live free from exploitation and harm.”

Ending child marriage is crucial for achieving gender equality and social justice in Ghana by 2030, requiring comprehensive strategies including education, economic empowerment, healthcare access, and legal protections.

“CDS Africa believes that efforts to end child marriage must be comprehensive and multi-faceted, addressing the underlying factors that drive families to marry off their daughters at a young age.”


Attached is the full statement


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