Locked-Up Investment Holders Forum Petitions Finance Minister for Financial Provision For Licences Revocation of Distressed Finance Houses and Savings & Loans Companies

The Locked-Up Investment Holders Forum has submitted a petition to the Finance Minister, Hon. Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, urging action to address the plight of investors affected by the financial crisis in distressed Finance Houses and Savings & Loans Companies.

They seek government intervention to allocate funds for revoking licenses of these institutions and reimbursing investors.

“We humbly appeal to the Minister for Finance to provide for funds for the payment of locked-up funds of investors in distressed Finance Houses and Savings & Loans Companies to enable Bank of Ghana to revoke their licences and pay investors, in line with the Government’s commitment to protect depositors’ funds.”

The forum emphasizes the urgency of the situation and calls for collaboration with development partners to restore investor confidence and financial stability.

“We wish to advise the Government to engage some notable Development Partners for assistance in providing the financing required. The Government should discuss with Development Partners contributing funds for the development of the economy, including those contributing towards the Financial Stability Fund to allow part of the funds to be used in providing the financing required, noting that there cannot be financial market stability when investors funds are locked up in the financial market.”


Attached is the petition

Petition to MoF

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