At a so-called IDA (International Development Association) summit in Nairobi organised by President Ruto of Kenya who has become a foster boy of Neocolonialism on the Continent, the summit was mired in contradictions.

The mood at the conference room was that of Africans questioning the legitimacy of the World bank and sister financial institutions which have for long profited from the exploitation of Africa while working with cut-throat western monopolies in mineral Mining, oil exploration, Finance, Media, NGOs and other groups where they dominate the African continent.

Out of this Weird Summit, President Ruto, who was seated on the left of Biden appointed world bank president Ajay Banga of Indian extract, a country not far from the United States of America as a friend, the president stood out to sing praises to the IDA.

In a shocking turn of events president Ruto of Kenya became a Spokes-person of the neocolonial institutions at the Summit in a continent and world where it is common knowledge by all Africans that these obscenely profiteering and western controlled institutions have contributed nothing in Africa but the prolonging of agony, sustenance of poverty, re-enforcing of underdevelopment and the delaying of African prosperity by decades.

Interestingly on the right side of Ajay Banga was seated President Museveni who also stood to make his account after 38 years of experience with the institutions, President Museveni pointed out how these institutions have not contributed to Africa’s development even though they pretend to be doing so.

Africa is not asking that they come here to develop the continent for us but that they should not pretend that they are doing so, if they are pretending to help develop the continent then they should do what they are saying instead of spending money on administrative activities such as huge salaries and meetings enjoyed by western operators, an observation also made by president Uhuru Kenyatta during his presidency as he questioned the contribution made by the United Nations in Africa.

President Museveni continued to observe that, these institutions rather than helping to finance railway, energy, and agriculture to make it cheap for the private sector to function as the say in their documents, they engaged in senseless activities which contribute nothing to the social economic transformation of the African Continent. It is evident that while they proclaim “private sector led growth” they don’t mean an African economy led by African private sector but one led by Western Private sector which selects out the most lucrative parts beneficial to it.

The president’s message therefore was in line with what many Africans feel about these western institutions as Ruto with so much failure struggled to paint a rosy picture of the hated neocolonial institutions.

Kwame Gonza is a member of the African Continental Unity Party, An Engineer and Senior Railway Consultant at Century Rail Ltd Ghana and the Architect of the African Railway Triangle Network Master Plan (ARTNMP).

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