Dadieso residents block Accra-Kumasi highway over abandoned gas tanker

Residents of Dadieso, a township near Kwahu, have blocked the Accra-Kumasi highway, in frustration over a gas tanker abandoned along the highway for approximately three days.

Despite the visible danger posed by the gas tanker, authorities have made no efforts to have it removed.

The gas tanker which lies partially submerged in a bush in a video circulating on social media, according to eyewitnesses has had its head detached with the gas still inside the tanker.

Fearing a potential explosion, the town folks blocked the highway using wooden materials, disrupting traffic flow between Accra and Kumasi. The blockage by the residents was done to prompt the attention of relevant authorities, to have the gas tank removed.

The Ghana National Fire Service has been dispatched to the site to safely move the gas tank and prevent any potential disaster.

According to an eyewitness, “Residents of Dadieso have blocked the road. No car going from Kumasi, no car coming from Kumasi at Dadieso, Kwahu side. They said a huge gas cylinder, a gas tanker had fallen, and the Fire service had not made efforts to remove it for the past three days. And they are afraid there’s going to be a gas explosion here. So, they have blocked the road.”

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