2024 Polls: Bawumia tours Kwahu, pledges to break the ‘8’

The flagbearer of the New Patriotic Party, Dr. Mahamadu Bawumia says the aggressive campaign strategy of moving door to door and window to window to preach the achievement of his government to electorates is a sure possible way of breaking the 8.

In a bid to win the hearts of voters in the upcoming December elections, Vice President and New Patriotic Party (NPP) Dr Mahamadu Bawumia assured Ghanaians that he would not rest if elected as President.

Speaking at the “It is Possible Mega Easter Walk and Mini Rally” in Kwahu on Saturday, March 30, 2024, Dr Bawumia emphasized the importance of aggressive campaigning to break the eight-year cycle of power alternation.

Dr Bawumia highlighted the difference between his approach and that of his competitor, John Mahama, stating that he will not take a honeymoon period after being elected, as he plans to run for office again in 2028.

He urged the attendees to campaign vigorously, emphasizing the importance of going door-to-door and house-to-house to share the NPP’s achievements with the electorate.

“Unlike Mahama, he wants a honeymoon after being elected, he won’t come back again so he won’t mind you. As for me, I’ll come back in 2028 so I would ensure I do my best for you all. So everyone must campaign very well as stated earlier. Today, we are going door to door, house to house to campaign to bring victory. It is possible, we are going to break the eight.”

He also addressed concerns regarding excavator burning and national service, stating that the party will focus on implementing effective policies rather than burning miners’ equipment.

Dr. Bawumia clarified that National Service will no longer be mandatory, allowing those who find employment upon graduation to forego the service.

“National Service is no longer going to be mandatory. If you complete school and you get a job, go for it, you don’t need national service. Unlike Mahama who is bringing old solutions, not bold solutions. He’s bring failed solutions.”

Meanwhile, Abetifi Constituency MP and Minister of Agriculture, Dr Bryan Yaw Acheampong, expressed confidence that Ghanaians would not vote based on the current economic challenges

He believes that the situation will improve before the elections, enabling the NPP to secure a significant number of votes.

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