A US court sentenced a Ghanaian couple to 25 years in prison each for killing their 5-year-old son.

A Ghanaian couple, Valarie Owusu and Emmanuel Addae, both 28, received a sentence of 25 years to life imprisonment for the murder of their five-year-old son, King

The sentencing, which took place on May 1, 2024 and was presided over by acting State Supreme Court Justice Steven Pilewski, occurred in Corona, Queens, where the couple lived.

The pair was convicted of second-degree depraved indifference murder, a serious crime under the law. Despite their pleadings for clemency and vows of affection for the child, Justice Pilewski imposed the harshest penalty possible.

“This little boy was beaten and suffered for days at the hands of these defendants, one of whom was his own mother until he unfortunately succumbed to his severe and extensive injuries,” remarked District Attorney Tierney. “Thanks to the thorough investigation by the Suffolk County Police Department, the relentless pursuit of justice by the prosecutors assigned to this case, and the jury’s careful consideration of the evidence presented, the defendants have been held accountable for this horrific crime.”

During the trial, Owusu attempted to avoid culpability by claiming ignorance of the severity of her son’s injuries until they were exposed in court. She described her relationship with Addae, looking for a father role for her firstborn child, King. Overwhelmed by grief, she expressed tremendous regret for not recognising the depth of the assault sooner.

Similarly, Addae, King’s stepfather, expressed his love for him and hope for a spiritual reunion, his remarks emphasising the tragedy that had occurred in their home.

The jury trial, which lasted two and a half weeks, heard frightening allegations about the abuse King suffered. Medical evidence proved that King had been brutally beaten for several days, resulting in too many injuries to enumerate. His lifeless body was eventually left at a family member’s Brentwood house, where he was found dead.

Owusu and Addae were found guilty of Murder in the Second Degree, a Class A felony, and the verdict carried the weight of justice for King’s tragic murder.

As the court processes concluded, the couple, represented by legal counsel, faced the harsh reality of their conduct. Now, sentenced to decades in prison, they must face the repercussions of their horrible act, while the memory of King Owusu serves as a tragic reminder of the significance of vigilance in protecting the most vulnerable among us.


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