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Chief Justice to newly appointed female magistrates: Don’t whine about being a woman when you’re stationed in the woods.

Chief Justice of Ghana, Getrude Torkonoo

The Chief Justice, Gertrude Araba Esaaba Torkornoo, has cautioned female magistrates against raising objections when they are posted to the hinterlands.

During the inauguration of newly appointed magistrates, she expressed her admiration for the increasing presence of women in the judiciary, a development she referred to as the “feminization of the judiciary.”

She noted that despite having a 700-year tradition of common law, the United States of America had only recently nominated its first female judge, whereas Ghana had achieved enormous advancements in the judiciary.

This is a phase in what I refer to as the feminization of the legal system. The judiciary is becoming a very feminine institution. Indeed, as the third Chief Justice, this nation is headed towards having more female judges; some nations with a 700-year common law tradition are currently receiving their first female Chief Justice, and we are currently in the third position.

She said, “To a room full of newly sworn-in magistrates and families, very soon, when all of you move up, it’s likely that the Supreme Court may have 70 percent women rather than the other way around.”

She stated that female magistrates should be ready to serve wherever they are sent as part of the feminization process, particularly in the less well-known regions of the nation.

“In your words, what does this entail, and in my own words, as the head of the judiciary? That means that since Tumu, Nkawkaw, Nsuatre, and Nsuokyire are all parts of Ghana, I can send you there, and I shouldn’t have any complaints about your womanhood for doing so. Additionally, they are a component of the commitment you made when you became magistrates.

“We serve the country from district courts, which are located throughout the country. Gone are the days when women could only be found in cities and towns. Due to the judiciary’s high degree of feminization, we are now entering the hinterlands, Justice Torkonoo said.

She implored the families of the magistrates to support them in order to ensure the success of their service.

In addition to the magistrates, this statement is addressed to the mothers, brothers, sisters, and spouses of the families in attendance. There is no place in the judiciary for these women unless they are free to move anywhere they please.

The Chief Justice installed twenty-three new magistrates in the Accra High Court complex; twelve were women and eleven were men.

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